Time for a Change

A decade of heavy use will cause the best materials to fail.

Seven years ago we did a small renovation for a local, well known establishment with a long history. Being a high use, well-oiled restaurant not to mention a local land mark, it’s time for another face lift. This particular face lift will be a much more extensive overhaul of the interior finishes and will include major kitchen upgrades. After seven years, the materials are just now starting to show their age through their wear patterns. The carpet has been particularly abused and is well worn in heavy trafficked areas. Their tabletop laminate has also been worn to it’s core and is in need of an update. Plus, trends and colors have changed over the years and seven years seems to be that sweet spot when an establishment should seriously consider an update before it begins to look dated and worn out.

When we design a new restaurant we always take the customer’s best interest to heart. We don’t use anything less than the best most durable finishes for commercial applications. The owner has specifically requested materials that will last another seven years without showing the wear patterns that are happening to some of the materials now. Since this location carries much history, this time around we are choosing an even more durable approach. In order to create further longevity, we are looking at stained concrete floors as opposed to carpet and hand holds on the back of the chairs to minimize the wear and tear of the chair back material.

As a designer we have access to hundreds of highly durable materials along with years of experience that will help give your facility the to stand the test of time. Keep an eye out for new and exciting things to come for this local landmark.