Protect Your Investment with Nanotex Treated Textiles

Drats spilled coffee on my Nanotex samples again!

No matter how fast your staff is at cleaning up your customers messes, spills will take a toll on your fabrics. Unless your fabrics were treated with Nanotex before they were upholstered. Nanotex is a stain-repellant technology that is applied to fabrics and leatherettes before being upholstered and has been proven to enhance the life and performance of any treated fabric. It’s highly effective at resisting stains from everyday spills like coffee, wine, soda, and condiments however it’s also design to survive harsher substances including iodine, urine, and blood. In addition to stain resistance, fabrics treated with Nanotex are more color fast and abrasion resistant without impacting the fabrics fire rating. The best part is, Nanotex treatments last the life of your fabric and doesn’t impact its recycleablity or overall softness.

Any fabric from wall coverings and drapery to booths and upholstery can have Nanotex treatment applied to them as long as it’s applied at the mill. Just make sure you ask for Nanotex treated fabrics when it comes time to remodel and reupholster.

Here is a link to the Nanotex website which provides more information: