Padded or Hard Seats?

When presenting different seating options to a customer, I’m often asked if wood seating will be comfortable.  If I were to give my honest opinion, I would say in capital letters (which could come off as me yelling, which isn’t possible since I was born with an indoor voice only), that answer no. If they were to re-phrase that question as “Is a padded seat going to be more comfortable than a wood seat?” the answer is “yes”. You don’t have to be a prodigy with a degree in seat “comfort-ability” to know that if you’re sitting your glutes on a padded seat for an hour, you’re going to order at least two more Cosmopolitans to complement your potato fingerlings. There are times, however, when using a wood seat is more appropriate for your establishment. Are you looking to have a quick turnaround at lunch time? Is the solo business person who needs one hand on a club sandwich and the other flicking pages on their iPad your ideal customer? Then a wood seat is for you. If you don’t want patrons to get too comfortable and spends hours in your bistro because you’re waiting for the next thirty customers to come through, leave the overstuffed furniture to the country clubs.

I’m not going to lie: when given the option of sitting on a padded bench or a wood chair, I will undoubtedly choose the padded bench. I usually get my way considering my husband would prefer the better view of the football game; in that case, he can spoil himself with the comfort of the wood seat.