Going Green in 2013

Pantone’s recent selection of “Emerald” (Pantone 17-5641) as the color trend for 2013 sets the mark for fashion and home.  This selection will also become relevant for the design world when we see it make an appearance in commercial textiles and materials. Emerald may remind you of whimsical times in “The Wizard of Oz” or pay a certain homage to those native of Seattle (aka The Emerald City) but it is definitely a color worth paying attention to as we watch it come to life in 2013.

Speaking in terms of color psychology, green can have a calming effect and is the easiest color on the eye, which may be why various shades of green are seen in hospitals and waiting rooms. It will be interesting to see how this newly announced color will be used in the hospitality industry, specifically in restaurants and bars. In my experience, I was taught to shy away from using green in establishments where people will be eating, as the aura of green walls will subconsciously remind them of mold and ultimately deter them from finishing their plate-sized burrito. Then again, green is also the color linked to money and let’s be honest: who doesn’t like money in times like this?

Maybe instead of slathering an entire wall with a parade of Emerald tones, we can start by introducing small pieces of the color in accent materials or light fixtures. We don’t want our potential clientele to push away their antipastos quite yet…