Follow the ADA Road

Image of Courtesy US Department of Commerce

I recently retweeted an article from RD+D Magazine (Restaurant Design + Development) regarding changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some of you may not be familiar with the ADA (or Twitter, for that matter…follow me! @kelseyjmitch).  Briefly, the ADA is civil rights legislation that protects discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  As a designer, I follow ADA standards for Accessible Design, meaning I create public spaces that follow standards allowing for all individuals, no matter their level of ability, to be able to comfortably and safely use a space.  Elements such as ramps, larger restroom stalls, wider aisles and accessible seating are all part of ADA design standards.

What caught my eye about the article from RD+D was the fact that establishments are becoming ADA compliant not only for business reasons, but because it is a moral responsibility. Check out the entire article here:  It does a much better job spouting off regulation years and remembering the difference between swing in and clearance out…which to me, sound like the same thing.