Everything but the Bathroom Sink

I lied, we did include the bathroom sink.

Lavatory. Washroom. Loo. The restroom is just as important to a restaurant as the kitchen and dining room, yet is often an afterthought when it comes to its design. I came across an article about restrooms and honestly found it more interesting than my iPad. No doubt this was written with a female perspective, which may be why I appreciated the bullet points. What follows are a list of components for successful restroom design, and can account for repeat business.

Well lit restrooms: No flood lights necessary here, but something to make us look non-ghoulish when checking ourselves out in the mirror. We have all done it, don’t deny it. We want our guacamole to be green, not our complexion.

Women’s restroom should be larger than the men’s: This is a no brainer. You could also say “duh”. The fact that we women travel to the bathroom in packs is enough to justify a larger space for us all to convene.

Ventilation: Need I say more? I’ll take the intense smell of limburger cheese over the smells that come of some restrooms. Period. (Insert gagging noise here).

Commode Style: Who knew there were various styles of toilets, other than white, off-white and bone-white? Thinking of commodes as a piece of furniture may take time, soon we may all see an IKEA-ish style catalog full of porcelain seat choices.

Hand washing area: Deeper sinks and longer faucets are the key here, to avoid splashing and creating an awkward water spot on the front of your chinos. The trend is headed towards hands-free everything. Now if only we could open the door hands-free…

As a new mother, I have a different perspective on the cleanliness and layout of restrooms and will get a bit giddy when I see the beige, floating cot that people call “changing stations” (you want me to lay my kid where?). My son doesn’t appreciate the subway tiles on the wall or the color of the soap dispenser, but at least he lets me “ooh” and “ahh” while freshening him up.