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Installation – An Important Piece of the Puzzle


Bargreen Ellingson frequently gets calls from a panicked foodservice operator saying their current supplier has left them in the middle of a project installation and is nowhere to be found. Sadly, we’ve heard that horror story many times from restaurant or bar operators who rely on us for smallwares but choose to go elsewhere for […]


Protect Your Investment with Nanotex Treated Textiles


No matter how fast your staff is at cleaning up your customers messes, spills will take a toll on your fabrics. Unless your fabrics were treated with Nanotex before they were upholstered. Nanotex is a stain-repellant technology that is applied to fabrics and leatherettes before being upholstered and has been proven to enhance the life […]

Considering wood trim

Let’s Make Some Changes


Have you ever worked on your restaurant’s layout with your salesperson and designer but can’t seem to get your point across over the phone?   Are you too far from one of our branches or have too much on your plate that you can’t seem to find the time to get out of the office?   Don’t […]


Reduced Steps, More Profit


How do most restaurant and bar patrons determine what the best restaurants are? Aside from the food and atmosphere, more often than not, it’s in the service and experience the guest has. Restaurants and bars are factories, and as such they require efficient operation in order to remain profitable. The more efficient they are, the […]

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Warm Weather is on the Horizon


June is here and that means warmer weather is on the horizon… With that being said, now is a good time to start thinking about upgrading your restaurant’s patio furniture.  By the time it’s ordered and shipped, it will arrive just in time for that bright orb in the sky to warm your patrons, drink […]

Follow the ADA Road


I recently retweeted an article from RD+D Magazine (Restaurant Design + Development) regarding changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some of you may not be familiar with the ADA (or Twitter, for that matter…follow me! @kelseyjmitch).  Briefly, the ADA is civil rights legislation that protects discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  As a designer, […]

Color Boards 101


Simply put, color boards are the adult version of science fair projects. Instead of huge, tri-fold displays on how different fertilizers affect corn production or the life span of a typical house fly, color boards are windows into the creativity of a designer. They help confirm your ingenuity and talents and show that your design […]

Remodeling a Classic


Changing a classic bar into a sleek & modern bar while keeping the integrity of the classic space – A change such as this poses many challenges. Having recently remodeled CI Shenanigans on Ruston Way in Tacoma, WA. this classic ‘good ‘ol boys’ bar had stood the test of time for many years, but the […]

Rebranded for Success


My fellow co-worker and I were contacted by a restaurant group/partnership that has multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. They were having trouble with their image as it had not been updated for over a decade and was beginning to look tired. It was time reposition themselves with an upgrade to their appearance and an […]

Time for a Change


Seven years ago we did a small renovation for a local, well known establishment with a long history. Being a high use, well-oiled restaurant not to mention a local land mark, it’s time for another face lift. This particular face lift will be a much more extensive overhaul of the interior finishes and will include […]

Everything but the Bathroom Sink


Lavatory. Washroom. Loo. The restroom is just as important to a restaurant as the kitchen and dining room, yet is often an afterthought when it comes to its design. I came across an article about restrooms and honestly found it more interesting than my iPad. No doubt this was written with a female perspective, which […]

Going Green in 2013


Pantone’s recent selection of “Emerald” (Pantone 17-5641) as the color trend for 2013 sets the mark for fashion and home.  This selection will also become relevant for the design world when we see it make an appearance in commercial textiles and materials. Emerald may remind you of whimsical times in “The Wizard of Oz” or […]

Hard Surfaces Create Noisy Spaces


I recently designed a restaurant/bar where the owners wanted to utilize wood finishes and surfaces throughout. Given my limited involvement as a designer to this project, I was asked only to draw and space plan the building layout and equipment, since they had their own designer on staff. Since the owner decided on all hard […]

Tools of the Trade


Many designers forget that their clients can be flummoxed by technical aspects of restaurant design. Thankfully, there are a few tools out there that can help us provide our clients a better understanding of what a space may look like. While most designers are comfortable working and reading 2D space plans many of our clients have trouble visualizing their […]

Adding Warmth to a Space


I recently completed a restaurant remodel that transformed a tired, outdated interior into a warm and contemporary atmosphere. The customer had done extensive traveling and brought many exciting design concepts to the table, and allowed us to incorporate many of the ideas we collaborated on together into the new restaurant interior. The main color scheme […]

Padded or Hard Seats?


When presenting different seating options to a customer, I’m often asked if wood seating will be comfortable.  If I were to give my honest opinion, I would say in capital letters (which could come off as me yelling, which isn’t possible since I was born with an indoor voice only), that answer no. If they were to […]

Small Changes can have a BIG Impact


Want to make a big impact on a tight budget? A few upgrades can make a huge impact to your space. Check out these lights by Recesso Lighting. These fixtures transform an ordinary recessed can light into a spectacular custom fixture. By utilizing their conversion kit you can customize your space from something bland to […]

Welcome to the Bargreen Ellingson Design Blog!


There are many facets when it comes to design that should be contemplated before creating the perfect masterpiece. The same is true as it relates to designing the perfect foodservice establishment and areas with that establishment such as the restaurant, bar, kitchen, dish room or prep area. To provide an effective design, commercial kitchen and […]