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Creativity and practical knowledge are the keys for a truly successful design. Without creativity, designs are bland, and without practical knowledge designs can lack functionality. Fortunately for our customers, we have a generous supply of both creativity and practical knowledge so blending the two is second nature to our design staff. As an added bonus, our team has years of experience, designing for the foodservice industry and can help you avoid common mistakes while capitalizing on ideas that can help you and your operation become a true success.

Creating a floor plan with CADCreating a 3-D renderingConsidering wood trimColors and Wood


The quality of a design is far more than the sum if its parts; it’s how well each complement each other. Your kitchen and dining room should function as one entity with the design of both areas complementing the other to prevent challenges some designs encounter. Facilities where your staff can perform at their peak efficiency from open to close are vital to the success of any operation.

Our design team approaches each foodservice entity’s design from many angles including the traffic patterns, customer flow, space efficiency, and local building code. Once our drafting process is complete we can present you with complete construction plans so you know that your foodservice facility will have the function and style that fits your vision before a single hammer is swung.


In this phase of planning, we collect all applicable information about a project, such as other contractors or professionals we will be working with and basic construction information such as the availability of utilities.


During the creative phase of planning, we work closely with our client to develop concept ideas, and gain an understanding of their vision for the project. At this time, we will generate a theme and workflow for the space.


As the project progresses, we work closely with contractors and other contributors to generate technical drawings of the project, taking into account any unique challenges to produce an efficient workspace.


Finally, we generate shop drawings to assist in fabrication of the project, order any needed equipment, and provide an expert team to install all components to the client’s specifications.

The Bargreen Ellingson Design Team takes your ideas and produces a complete design that covers every detail in your establishment. From broad ideas like kitchen and front of the house flow, ADA compliance, and booth placement, to the minutia of your decorative color boards, fabrics, and even your restroom tiles you can be confident knowing that your ideas are in the hands of our design experts.


We work with the installers and architects to plan utility placement so our operation’s installation is smooth and free of surprises. When you receive your designs they will be ready to send to your local health department for inspection and to submit for the permitting process.


We adhere to all local and national codes.


For more information and our complete list of services, please contact us at 1.866.722.2665 or email us in the Contact section.

  • Complete Kitchen and Bar Design Services
  • Dining, Seating and Space Planning Services
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Lighting plans
  • Health Department Approved plans
  • Concept and Theme Development
  • Equipment and Interior Elevations
  • Custom Cabinetry Drawings
  • Interior Finish Selection
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture Selection
  • Color Boards
  • And much more!