Reduced Steps, More Profit

How do most restaurant and bar patrons determine what the best restaurants are? Aside from the food and atmosphere, more often than not, it’s in the service and experience the guest has. Restaurants and bars are factories, and as such they require efficient operation in order to remain profitable. The more efficient they are, the more profitable an operator remains.

In foodservice design, an operation must be optimized for performance in order to get meals to the customer quickly. From receiving products through the back door, followed by storing, prepping, cooking and serving those products to your guest, one must consider each and every step made by an employee. An inefficient cookline or bar requiring too many steps from one station to another can create increased labor and time to produce a completed order. Likewise, improperly placed service areas throughout the dining room can create additional work for wait staff.

Seating is another element and an area most operators want to capitalize on in order to get the proper turns and revenue stream they need to succeed. An inefficient kitchen, bar or service design can eat up space that could otherwise be utilized for seating guests.
As a commercial kitchen and interior designer, I take pride in creating an efficient use of the space provided. Whether it’s an existing space requiring a remodel or a brand new location, we are able to work with architects, designers, developers and operators in order to create a successful design and profitable business.

Warm Weather is on the Horizon

June is here and that means warmer weather is on the horizon…

With that being said, now is a good time to start thinking about upgrading your restaurant’s patio furniture.  By the time it’s ordered and shipped, it will arrive just in time for that bright orb in the sky to warm your patrons, drink in hand.  Some patio trends we are seeing lately are comfortable sofa/ lounge seating areas…who said that you have to have a sofa indoors? Check out the Tatta collection from Tropicasual (American Trading)  Stocked in the Expresso color and complimented with a bold cushion color, this line will create a unique, comfortable and casual patio area.Image Courtesy of American Trading Company

Gone are the days of the standard plastic molded seats. There are so many fun options out there, including faux teak, metals, plastics and wovens. If you’re seeking a little relief from the sun, you might want to think about adding patio umbrellas, as well. Order your table with an umbrella hole and you will have the flexibility to add some shade to your deck if need be. If you need help or a creative eye, we can lead you in the right direction and offer you some great products as well as cost effective solutions. Summer’s coming – enjoy the sun and don’t forget your sunscreen (or your new patio sets!)