Adding Warmth to a Space

I recently completed a restaurant remodel that transformed a tired, outdated interior into a warm and contemporary atmosphere.

The customer had done extensive traveling and brought many exciting design concepts to the table, and allowed us to incorporate many of the ideas we collaborated on together into the new restaurant interior.

The main color scheme includes such colors as cream, gray, and espresso and further includes touches and finishes such as glass, acrylic and gold panels. The interior is very rich in its overall color palette, but it’s the additional design elements that add that extra ‘warmth’ to the space which makes the restaurant cozy and inviting.

To provide that extra warmth, we designed in such elements as, a rectangular contemporary fireplace in a wall near the lounge and entry. Custom clouds were designed over the lounge seating area and dining settee areas. The custom clouds have led lighting strips where different colors can be changed and adjusted remotely, that also add a ‘Warm’ element of light and color. Custom light pendants add additional illumination and warmth, as does the led lighting in the built-in waterfalls.  Tall drapes flown in from Asia finish off the windows and add warmth to the room.

All of these design elements come together and create that special restaurant ambiance that ultimately allow the customer to feel at home.